Foulden Village Show

Saturday 13th August 2016

Entries 10-11am

50p per entry – children’s categories free . Categories are : fruit & veg., flowers and food.

Viewing 1-1.30pm

With tea, coffee and home-made cake available!

Auction 1.30pm onwards

Do you have a glut of runner beans? Are you sick of eating courgettes? Have your toms all come at once? Then why not donate them to be auctioned off with our show entries? All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the village hall. Raffle to be drawn at the end of the day.

Classes (Adult)

Vegetable and Fruit

1. 6 of the same of peas or beans
2. 6 of the same of tomatoes
3. 1 cucurbit (melon, cucumber, squash etc.)
4. 4 of the same of apples
5. 3 of the same of any other fruit or veg
6. Mixed plate (4-6 different items)


7. Widest Sunflower Head
8. A single rose
9. 5 stems of the same (annual or perennial)
10. Mixed display


11. A jar of jam or jelly
12. A jar of any other produce (I.e curd, honey, chutney etc.)
13. A loaf of bread
14. A cake (please include name of cake)


15. Knitted or crochet article
16. Hand embroidery
17. Sewn Article
18. Any other art or craft item.

Classes (Children)
5 years & Under (free entry)

19. Vegetable animal or monster
20. 3 Decorated cupcakes (only decoration is judged)

6-12 years (free entry)

21. Vegetable animal or monster
22. 3 Decorated cupcakes (only decoration is judged)

Hints and tips for entries
Vegetable and Fruit

* All exhibits should be presented on a suitable plate, tray, etc.
* All produce should be fresh, clean and blemish free.
* Stalks, stems and leaves to be included where appropriate
* Blooms should be fresh, clean and blemish free.
* Where possible display blooms in a plain vase
* Newspaper or cling film may be used to support blooms
* Produce to be presented on a plate or tray. Doilies, cling film, etc. is permitted.
* Preserves should be made with this years produce and sealed with a new lid.
* Jar items should be filled to the top, labelled with content and the date made.
* Items should be well finished, clean and dry.
* Seams should be neat and straight with no loose ends showing.
* Items should not be named.
Classes (Children)
* Item should be mostly the child’s own work. Cupcakes can be baked by an adult, use of cutting tools by an adult is also acceptable

Terms and Conditions

Foulden village show is intended to be a fun, friendly local competition – to get peoples creativity flowing. A common sense, honest approach to all categories is to be adopted. Where appropriate, produce should be grown, craft items crafted and food made by the entrant.

*We welcome everyone to exhibit, not just Foulden residents.
*No names should be visible on any exhibit.Label provided on payment.
*Any exhibit without a label may be removed prior to judging.
*Multiple entries per class per person is permitted.
*Judges’ decision is final
*We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to the property of an exhibitor.

If you require further information please contact Claire on 01366 328707

We hope to see you at the show and good luck!